Legislative Session (Continued)
7. Requiring the Option of 3rd Party Inspections

• Throughout S. C., homeowners, developers and other landowners who need building code approvals are experiencing unprecedented delays in building code plan review and the scheduling and receipt of building code inspections. These delays result in significant cost increases, stifling the state’s economic growth, and affecting housing affordability. Due to several factors, many municipalities and counties are taking up to 30 days, and in some cases much longer, for plan reviews and the various inspections. Ultimately plan review deadlines and inspections often take ten times longer than expected costing all involved thousands of dollars per house in delays. This, coupled with the national trend of an aging code official population and the absence of younger participants entering the job pool through our colleges and tech schools, necessitates changing the regulatory structure in SC to allow more options and/or limits in the time needed for approval. SCBJ