2021 Legislative Session HBA Priorities
S. 796 -S. C. Building Codes Reform

The HBASC has worked with a number of groups to create the South Carolina Building Codes bill. The S. C. Building Codes bill would allow S. C. to join a national movement to a six year code adoption cycle from the current three year cycle. This state specific code would allow for a more efficient and effective code adoption process. The new code would be tailored to the safety and affordability of homeowners in South Carolina. A S. C. Building Codes would save homeowners thousands of dollars from unnecessary and frequent changes and allow for improved efficiency for builders, tradesmen, code officials and inspectors.


The continued funding of this initiative will allow the truck to stay on the road for many years to come informing parents and students about the fulfilling and high paying jobs available in the skilled trades that are in high demand right now.


South Carolina is one of the hottest housing markets in the nation as frustrated buyers look for more affordable prices. The ability to find attainable housing, much less affordable housing, is an emerging issue that spans the state and impacts all. In 2020 a diverse coalition of organization representing employers, cities, and others joined together to host a housing forum. The goal was to create a significant, wide-ranging discussion on housing attainability and affordability. From these discussions we have determined a number of legislative goals to help every South Carolinian achieve the American Dream of home ownership. These include:

1. Property Tax Reform

Act 388 remade the property tax landscape in South Carolina—and not in an entirely positive way. The exceedingly light taxation of some classes of property has resulted in heavy, uncompetitive burdens on others. Intriguingly, legislation (Act 388) designed to reduce property tax