President’s Message
Wayne Moore President, HBA of South Carolina

We are living in interesting times. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives these past few months, and unfortunately our industry is not immune to these effects. Many states shut-down all industries statewide including construction. Due to the relentless efforts with local and state governments, your HBA was able to ensure that construction work was deemed an essential service to our state. Our livelihoods were protected as we continued to offer the essential service of producing safe housing for South Carolinians. The mission of the HBASC is advocacy of our industry. Our association has been, and will continue to be, a major contributor toward our state’s growth in the decades to come. Your involvement in the HBA secures your voice in the future of your livelihood.

The Home Builders Association of South Carolina (HBASC) is built on a foundation of local associations and individual members. When you first joined your local association, what was it you were hoping to get out of your membership? Was it networking opportunities, the chance to save some money through our member benefit programs, or to have someone defending you at the local, state and national level when decisions were being made about regulations impacting your industry? Whatever the reason was, I’m sure you have become aware of how your HBA membership has become a valuable part of your toolkit.