President’s Message
Wayne Moore President, HBA of South Carolina

In my last letter I ended by stating that, “We are all going through this change together and by working together we will grow as an industry.” Our members and your HBA did just that! We were recognized as being essential and our industry did not shut down. This was not by accident, but because of hard work from each of you and our HBA staff across the state working with local and state government officials.

Governor McMaster is to be recognized and supported for his positive actions to protect our citizens and our economy during this crisis. He understands the vital role that the residential construction industry plays in the success of the economy of our state. Furthermore, the Governor understands that our industry can keep people employed while honoring safe work and social distancing guidelines published by our public health officials.

Nationally, housing accounts for more than 14% of the Gross Domestic Product and its contribution in South Carolina is similar. For every home built, three jobs are created.

Each of our member’s hard work to achieve these goals has provided S. C. citizens a home to allow them to remain safe with their families. I am proud that our industry and elected officials recognize the essential nature of our industry and its contribution to the economic vitality of our state. Your HBA will continue to work for your benefit, but we must be vigilant to ensure that ANYONE on our job-sites abides by the “social distancing requirements” and the other COVID-19 safety precautions. SCBJ