President’s Message
Wayne Moore President, HBA of South Carolina

The saying goes, “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” Two weeks ago this article looked much different, but the change in our daily lives necessitated a change in my message. Hopefully, my message will be one of encouragement and growth. The Home Builders Association of South Carolina is made up of more than 3,500 member companies, including almost 800 builder members. Our association is the only association in the state of South Carolina that focuses solely on the residential construction industry and we stand ready and prepared to grow our state’s economy by putting people to work and providing safe and reliable homes.

As part of the response to the current Covid-19 national emergency, several building departments across South Carolina have indicated they may be halting the issuance of building permits and limiting or halting inspections. Not every building department has done this. We do expect more building departments to review and adopt new standards as the days go by. This response to the situation is not limited to South Carolina. NAHB has indicated it is happening in jurisdictions across the country.

We understand their concerns but at the same time we want to work with them to ensure that our members can still submit building permit applications, have their plans reviewed and have homes inspected. We feel there is a way to do this while still ensuring that our industry takes the proper precautions to protect everyone’s safety.