Significant Changes (Continued)

Section R1005.8 Chimney Insulation Shield. Where factory-built chimneys pass through insulated assemblies, an insulation shield constructed steel having a minimum thickness of 0.0187 inch (26 gauge) shall be installed to provide clearance between the chimney and insulation material. The clearance shall not be less than the clearance to combustibles specified by the chimney manufacturer’s installation instructions. Where chimneys pass through attic space, the shield shall terminate not less than 2-inches above the insulation material and shall be secured in place to prevent displacement. Insulation shields provided as a part of a listed chimney system shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions.

Section R11 Energy Efficiency. The State of South Carolina will continue to enforce the 2009 IECC. This allows for greater flexibility.

Section R3901.4.3 Peninsular Countertop Space. Not less than one receptacle outlet shall be installed at each peninsular countertop long dimension space having a long dimension of 48 inches (1220 mm) or greater and a short dimension of 12 inches (305 mm) or greater. A peninsular countertop is measured from the connected perpendicular wall. [210.52(C)(3)].

Section E3902.16 Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter Protection. Language rolls back code to earlier version that would remove the use of AFCIs in kitchens and laundry rooms.

Section E4101.3 Flexible Cords. This Section now prohibits locating a dishwasher power cord from being located behind the appliance, it must be located in a cabinet adjacent to the appliance and accessible.

Appendix Q Tiny Houses. By adding Appendix Q builders will have more options and flexibility for small home construction.