Your HBA membership pays off in many ways. For example, you get networking opportunities, a sense of community and information about industry trends.

HBA membership also has advantages when you want to offer a benefits package that keeps your company competitive:

. You have access to the deepest possible discounts — no worries about whether you’re paying a fair price for health insurance.

. A fully insured plan with BlueCross eases your administrative burden, improves efficiency and ensures safe, secure handling of data.

. 18 competitive medical plans are available. You may offer one plan or two. . The extensive Blue® network of providers assures employees access to quality health care from top-rated providers in South Carolina and nationwide.

. BlueCross member engagement programs help enhance the health and well-being of your employee population.

. Capstone Administrators provides state-of-the-art technology to meet your administrative needs and streamline member services.

Rising health care costs are a major challenge for every business.

With its engagement and disease management programs, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina will help you meet that challenge. The goal: a more health-conscious workforce.

. The Rally® program brings incentives, rewards and

fun as members take steps to improve their health and fitness. Rally is a product of Rally Health Inc., an independent company that offers a digital health program on behalf of BlueCross.

. Through Rally’s website and mobile app, employees get personalized recommendations to get them moving more and eating better.

. Optional health coaching programs help your employees — and your bottom line — by addressing specific health issues, such as diabetes. . My Health Toolkit for Employers, on our website, supports your human resources personnel. They’ll find free health promotion materials such as posters, flyers and web content.

. Health incentive accounts (HIAs) encourage employees to complete certain activities such as wellness exams or dental cleanings. Two customized HIA plans are available for employees and spouses; they can earn reduced deductibles by participating.