President’s Message
Andy Barber President, HBA of South Carolina

I am excited to announce a new HBA of SC member benefit that can provide affordable health insurance to our members, their employees and families. Currently, all small employers are subject to a modified community rating and due to the Affordable Care Act plans are becoming increasingly less affordable. Like many of you I found that small employers have few competitive options. This program will allow eligible members to participate in an Association Health Plan and be rated as large groups. This will provide HBA members better benefits and more competitive pricing. Partnering with Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) will also provide our members with preferred network superiority with complete statewide and national coverage. BCBS will also provide discounts, health incentives, ease of access and financial soundness to the program. There are many reasons why this program may be right for you and your company (Top 10 Reasons below), but you will need to contact your agent for quotes (Only agents who are members of the HBA will be able to provide quotes. Visit www.hbaofsc.comfor a list of those agents). We’ve attached additional information on the program in this issue that you will find useful and hope this new member only benefit will be an asset to you and your company.

Top 10 Reasons to Join the HBASC Group Insurance Trust


• HBA of SC Trust is operated for and by South Carolina home builders.

• Be involved in the decision making process at your individual group level, as well as the Trust level, and control your benefits decision.