2019 Session Review
III. S. 796 -S. C. Building Codes Reform

Sponsor: Senator Thomas Alexander (R-Oconee/Pickens)

The HBASC has worked with a number of groups to create the South Carolina Building Codes bill. This statespecific code would allow for a more efficient and effective code adoption process. The new code would be tailored to the safety and affordability of homeowners in South Carolina. A S. C. Building Codes would save homeowners thousands of dollars from unnecessary and frequent changes and allow for improved efficiency for builders, tradesmen, code officials and inspectors.

The Bill Provides:

• A S. C. Building Code for all construction that will be based on the geographic and weather conditions of our state;

• Allows S. C. to match a 6 year residential code cycle that many states have already turned to instead of the current 3 year cycle for residential, but maintain a 3 year code cycle for commercial;

• This allows for the newest and safest codes to be in effect at any given time. (States with 6 year or flexible cycles: AR, HI, IN, KY, ME, MA (5 year), MI, MN, MS, NC, TN (7 year), CT, DE, GA, OH, WI, NH (more than 3 year));

• The longer 6 year cycle will allow both builders and building officials to have more training and experience with the current code; allowing them to build safer buildings and insure they are inspected to the highest possible standards; Senator Thomas Alexander (R-Oconee/Pickens)

• Allows for flexibility for research concerning strength of materials, safe design and other factors that our public and private colleges/ universities can and will provide (i. e. the wind and seismic maps produced by Clemson University and the Citadel). . Ex. The wind and seismic mapping saved over $12,000 per home. . Ex. This past cycle a leading manufacturer of arc fault

circuits testified that they have too many problems and are not cost effective and yet they remain in many places in the house at an added cost of 32 million dollars to the state.

IV. S. 757 / H. 4482 -Housing Attainability

Sponsors: Senators Jackson, Climer, J. Matthews, and Fanning Representatives Simrill, Pendarvis, S. Williams, Rivers, Clyburn, Simmons, Gillard, Alexander, Anderson, Garvin, Hosey, Ott, Hill, Kirby, Henderson-Myers, Brawley, Cobb-Hunter, Robinson, Moore, Hewitt, Henegan, McDaniel, Ligon.

Thanks to Senators Jackson and Climer and Representitives Simrill and Pendarvis for their leadership on this issue. Affordable/ workforce housing is essential to economic development in South Carolina and we need to make it more attainable. Regulations have increased the cost to develop land and build housing, resulting in a shortage of affordable housing. By requiring a housing impact analysis, lawmakers will know the costs and benefits of the proposed regulations on housing before they go into effect and help promote housing attainability. Housing studies underscore the need for housing impact analysis to implement a strategic plan to promote workforce housing in S. C..


The Be Pro Be Proud S. C. initiative will be leading the movement to bring a new generation of PRIDE, PROGRESS & PROFESSIONALS to South Carolina’s skilled workforce through a unique private/public partnership.

Currently, tens of thousands of workers are needed in the skilled trades and supply chain-related industries in South Carolina, but the state lacks a collaborative initiative targeting this workforce. S. C. citizens, young and old, who are “at-risk” and/or not college-bound can be encouraged to find a path to rewarding, prideful professional careers. Parents, as well as adults seeking better work opportunities, need to be convinced there is a relatively quick, low-cost path to good jobs and rewarding careers. Special thanks to Governor McMaster, Sen. Alexander and the General Assembly for budgeting almost $650k toward this important initiative.

H. 3659 -Standardized Filing and Recording Fees

Sponsors: Representatives Bernstein, W. Cox, Clemmons, and Hixon

This bill standardizes fees to a flat rate which helps businesses streamline the process. It was passed by the Senate and House on Thursday.

Status: This bill has been passed by the General Assembly and awaits the Governors signature.

H. 3455 -Pool Installer Bill
Sponsors: Representative Stavrinakis

The bill is on the house floor, but will not be considered until January of next year. The House LCI committee amended the bill to put licensure under the Residential Builders Commission. The bill will provide some regulation on the industry which will help to protect the general public.

Status: The bill was passed out of the House LCI committee in April.

H. 3717/S. 520 Livable Homes Tax Credit Act

Sponsors: Representatives McCoy, Huggins, Rose, Yow, Rutherford, White, Thayer, West, and Funderburk, Senators Goldfinch, Young, Malloy, Campbell, Gambrell, Gregory, Talley, Rice, Grooms, Williams, Sabb, Cash, Climer, and Senn.

This tax credit would help with the cost for the construction or remodel of a home to help make it more accessible to people with any disability that makes it hard to move through a house. We continue to support this bill and hope it can move forward alongside the income tax overhaul.