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to conditions in the other states and time permitting and if desired will also compare and contrast economic conditions in the four or five largest cities in South Carolina.

Do You Know Who Your Buyers are and What They Want? -John Hunt / MarketNsight

Understanding who is buying, why and where to reach them impacts marketing decisions and your bottom line. This lively and interactive town hall session draws on 20 years of ViaSearch data on buyer profiles, media ratings and buyer preferences. Find out what today’s buyer looks like-from the loss of the Millennials to the emergence of the empty nester Boomer buyer; what they want and how they find it; where buyers shop for homes online (hint: search engines are the new signage); and what they expect to find on social media.

Educational Opportunities:

• Money Making Secrets for Those in Residential Construction Forum

• Top Legal and Tax Tips for Anyone Working in the Construction Industry

• What’s New in the 2018 IRC and State Modifications?

• Low Impact Development?

• Best Cost Effective Structural Framing Practices for Strength and Energy Efficiency

• Understanding the Impact of Use Changes for Treated Wood

• Design, Build, Perform: HVAC Systems for High Performance Homes

• Reputation Management: Give Them Something to Talk About

• How to have the best year ever in Sales and Sex

• Taking Advantage of All Your HBA Membership Benefits

• Superintendents 101 and 201 (two day training) SCBJ