president’s message
Rick Quinn President, HBA of South Carolina

I am honored to be elected as your 2018 President of the Home Builders Association of South Carolina and I look forward to serving. I appreciate the role of the President of the HBASC to promote and serve and protect the HBA and the construction industry at large.

My business model is predicated on getting S. C. families into the homes of their dreams. I can only do that by maintaining a reasonably priced product. I understand and know firsthand how unnecessary regulatory barriers affect the affordability of housing and our ability to make a living in our chosen profession. As an Association we must not only maintain, but enhance, our efforts to lessen government regulation and increase economic development. Both are good for our industry and benefit the citizens of our state. We will prosper and continue to grow only if we work together and with allied industry groups.

The HBASC is committed to supporting residential building in our state by improving government as it relates to the residential building industry. To succeed we must grow our membership with qualified business owners, strengthening our association and industry.

To do this we must highlight our strengths as a trade association.

Our HBA has been and continues to be proactive on regulatory issues including impact fees, residential fire sprinklers, business license fees, building codes, road funding, and property tax reform among others. It also offer its members tools to grow and prosper. The mission of the HBA of SC is advocacy for our industry and its work carries over to all aspects of the building business. Our advocacy efforts will only be improved and more effective as our membership grows and it will only grow when those who work in our industry realize their livelihood not only benefits from but depends on the work of the HBA. The HBA IS the membership. It is the personal involvement of members working to improve and increase opportunity in our industry. The success of the building industry in South Carolina depends on the strength of our membership. It depends on our HBA having smart, dedicated, and enthusiastic members.

If you know someone in the industry who is not a member, give them an HBA membership application and place them and the industry on the path to success … do it for yourself and your industry. Ask them to be part of the solution that keeps our industry healthy and profitable. We need their ideas, their connections, their participation, and their leadership now!

I look forward to serving our membership and industry toward a profitable 2018. SCBJ