II. H. 3886 -Home Owners Association Reform

Sponsor: Representative Heather Ammons Crawford (R-Horry) Co-Sponsors: Reps. Ryhal, Hamilton, Sandifer, Fry, Putnam, Clemmons, Yow, Anderson, Johnson, Hardee, Huggins, Hewitt, Duckworth, Bowers, Sottile, Crosby, Felder, Bennett, Thigpen, Whipper, Brown, Hixon, Taylor, King, Daning, Spires, Henderson, Pitts, Kirby, White, McCravy, Hill, Gagnon, West, Wheeler, Davis, Murphy, Hayes, Ott, V. S. Moss, Lowe, Jordan and McKnight. PASSED. HOUSE FLOOR

H. 3886 language was amended by the Senate. The bill has been contested on Senate Floor for third and final reading.

Consistency and transparency are the keys for Home Owners Associations (HOA) to provide good governance to help ensure their rules, regulations and policies are clearly defined and communicated to members. There have been several bills filed that