One of My Favorite HBA Events
Jim Garman President, HBA of South Carolina

As the HBASC ramps down from a busy and productive legislative session we start to prepare for one of my favorite HBA events… the state convention. If you have never attended in the past please consider joining us this year. The convention will assist you in profitability as well. One of the many benefits of the convention is the intensive continuing education courses available for the membership, which I will cover in more detail below, but I truly look forward to the time to meet with my peers. Many of my professional successes started from this time to meet with friends across the state to share ideas and to meet new friends who will help me build on my success. If you are looking for new business partnerships and opportunities or looking for opportunities that will affect your bottom line in a positive way then you need to be registered at this year’s state convention. Just a sample of the classes being offered at convention (below) should start you on a path of a very profitable 2018. Please be sure to thank the sponsors of our convention. Without their support of the convention and our Association opportunities like these would not be made possible. I look forward to seeing each of you in Greenville.

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