Entry Folder Contents

• Completed Home Construction Form (one per entry)

• Completed Project Statement

• Custom & Semi Custom Homes: A selection of five quality internal and external color digital images.

• Remodel Projects: A selection of five quality before and after color digital images, preferrably taken from the same angle.

• One digital image of the preferred building elevation.

• One digital image of a rendering or sketch.

• One digital image of the floor plans.

• List of all subcontractors and suppliers who worked on the project, HBA members and non-members.

Digital Photo Specifications

• Minimum resolution of 600 dpi

• File Format: . jpeg or . jpg

• Do not put borders or text on photos.

• For remodel projects, do not place the before picture on the after picture. Before and after pictures should be separate files and labeled with corresponding numbers or names, while indicating ‘before’ or ‘after’ on the file names.

Project Statement

A project statement (200 to 500 words in length) describing the entry, the builder/remodeler’s scope of work, and any aspects of the home/ project that may be of special interest should accompany each entry. Green home entries should base their project statement on innovative and creative solutions to sustainability with emphasis on design with mimum waste; maximizing renewable products and techniques; maximizing energy efficiency; maximizing water efficiency; creating healthy indoor air quality; maximizing reclaimed and recycled materials; and minimizing use of virgin materials. Your project statement will appear in SC Builder Journal magazine, so be as descriptive as you can. Use language and explanations that readers will understand.