Entry Folder Contents

• Completed Subdivision/Community Form (one per entry)

• Completed Project Statement

• A selection of five quality color digital images

• List of all subcontractors and suppliers who worked on the project, HBA members and non-member

Digital Photo Specifications

• Minimum resolution of 600 dpi

• File Format: . jpeg or . jpg

• Do not put borders or text on photos.

Project Statement

A project statement (up to 2,000 words in length) should include: the developers scope of work with a focus on the design and construction of the subdivision/community, a detailed plan on the customer service and/ or quality control plan the subdivision has in place for its homeowners, a statement on how the subdivision/community enhances the surrounding area, and the marketing objectives and materials promoting the subdivision/community. The project statement will appear in part or whole in the SC Builder Journal magazine, so be as descriptive as you can. Use language and explanations that readers will understand.