Marketing Statement

• All exhibit materials and marketing statements must be submitted in a Dropbox folder, appropriately labeled either shared with hbaofsc1@gmail.comor send a Dropbox folder link to the same address

• Each entry must be in a separate folder, but may be emailed collectively.

• Include one completed Sales & Marketing Form for each entry.

• For categories that require hard copies, please also include a pdf of the material on a CD.

Entry Folder Contents

• Completed Sales & Marketing Form (one per entry)

• Completed Marketing Statement

• Supporting documentation as indicated under the category description

Digital Photo Specifications

• Minimum resolution of 600 dpi

• File Format: . jpeg or . jpg

• Do not put borders or text on photos.

A marketing statement (maximum 250 words in length) describing the entry, the target market, unusual constraints or opportunities that the project presented, and information that the public would want to know. Your marketing statement will appear in SC Builder Journal magazine, so be as descriptive as you can. Use language and explanations that readers will understand.