Roads and Infrastructure Bill, Part 1
Legislators focused on the need to provide basic safety barriers that have not been completed along our highways and interstates.

our highways and interstates. Legislators also discussed the deteriorating condition of many of our state’s roads and bridges, some of which have weight restrictions. The 97-18 vote provides a veto-proof majority in the House. As passed by the House, more than $600 million would be provided on an annual basis to improve South Carolina’s roads and bridges. House members also voted to raise the gas tax by two cents a year over the next five years. At the end of the five year period, the gas tax in South Carolina would stand at 26.75 cents a gallon,

compared to the current 16.75 cents a gallon. Nearly half of the new revenue would go towards safety features on highways, including widening shoulders and rumble strips. House representatives also increased the vehicle sales tax cap from the current $300 to $500, and provided additional revenue for roads due to various fee increases for vehicle registration and owners of hybrid, electric, or hydrogen vehicles. New residents of South Carolina are not left out of the House proposal. Our state’s newest residents would be required to pay a onetime $250 registration fee when registering their vehicle(s).