Business License Taxes

One of the largest taxes on South Carolina businesses is the business license tax. The 220 cities and eight counties in our state collect more than $315 million annually from businesses large and small. Fortunately, Chairman Bill Sandifer of the House Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee has introduced H. 3650 that includes many changes to the current business license tax system. The bill includes a tax based on adjusted gross income, an online portal operated by the Secretary of State, and ensuring that a certificate of occupancy cannot be upheld because a subcontractor has not paid a business license tax. The HBASC appreciates the work of Chairman Sandifer and looks forward to working with him and the members of the House to bring this bill to the floor for consideration. We also would like to thank Reps. Anderson, Atwater, Bedingfield, Erickson, Forrester, Hamilton, Jordan, McEachern, Ryhal, Simrill, Tallon, Taylor, and White for their co-sponsorship of H. 3650.