South Carolina Building Codes

The HBASC would like to thank Chairman Thomas Alexander of the Senate Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee for introducing S. 579, legislation that creates the South Carolina Building Code. The South Carolina Building Codes legislation is a top priority for the HBASC this legislative session. The intent of the bill is to promote and produce a South Carolina Building Code for all construction that will be based on the geographic and weather conditions of our state. It will also promote a single code to allow for better enforcement and quality of construction for the citizens of South Carolina. The bill would modify the way codes are adopted. The bill will create technical review committees for both commercial and residential construction. These committees will be composed of experienced professionals from construction, safety and code enforcement fields who have had experience in their field for at least 10 years. S. 579 would allow our state to match a 6 year code cycle that many states have already adopted instead of the current 3 year cycle. The S. C. Building Code would also require that any modification to the building code also include a preliminary fiscal impact statement reflecting estimates of costs to be incurred by the public and state agencies in complying with the proposed modifications. This will ensure changes made to the code reflect a positive cost and safety benefit to the homeowner. The HBASC also appreciates Sens. Campbell, Climer, Corbin, Cromer, Gambrell, and Timmons for their co-sponsorship of the bill.