We Are in Business to Keep You in Business
by Calvin Snow, 2015 HBASC President

Those who know me understand my propensity for going fast and thus my hobby of drag racing. If I am not home with my family or on a jobsite, you will definitely find me in my garage working on my car. I am blessed to find a level of success in each of these areas. In my family life, I am married to a wonderful woman, Sharron, and have raised three children, Robert, Julia, and Matthew, and enjoy the company of my three awesome grandsons, Isaiah, Eli and Jackson. In my

profession, I have been honored to build more than 300 homes for families that I still call friends and several as repeat customers. In my hobby, I was ranked second in the world in my drag racing class for 2014 ---hope to improve on that in 2015. While I have been very blessed, I am dependent on others. Success is not a solitary pursuit.

There is a term in drag racing called “lighting the hides” or “smoking the tires.” These terms are used when a loss of traction occurs, causing the rear tires to rise and smoke profusely. This usually happens off the starting line. When this happens during a race, it usually results in a loss. I’ve lost traction in all phases of my life as many of us have experienced in recent years. It’s part of life. Success comes from the preparation and commitment to keep your personal and professional life from losing traction too often and keeping both from crashing. You can’t succeed in any of these phases without figuring out what works for you. In my professional life, I have come to depend on the HBA from keeping me from smoking my tires. The HBA uses the tag, “We are in business to keep you in business,” and I cannot think of a more accurate description of the meaning of HBA membership. I cannot imagine where I would be without the advocacy the HBA provides for our industry, but I also place great value on the interaction with my peers from around the state in the HBA

Calvin Snow President, HBA of South Carolina