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industry to South Carolina’s continued economic growth?

SM: Housing and construction is an essential part of any type of economic growth. The industry is a leading indicator in nearly every analysis of the health of the overall economy. When people are confident in their economic security, they move around and build new homes. And the housing and construction industry itself is a huge employer statewide and nationally. South Carolina needs homebuilders to do well.

MN: From your perspective, what are the most important issues facing our state and what is the affect on business owners in South Carolina?

SM: I have a bit of a different take on this question. I think the most important issue facing South Carolina is leadership. Leadership matters. In government and in business, success is defined, in large part, by those who lead and set the pace. We need to retain our young talent and encourage quality people to step forward and take on new leadership roles. We have a lot of tough challenges facing us –education, infrastructure, job growth, and many others –but none of these things are insurmountable. We just need strong leadership.

MN: Do you have any closing remarks you would like to make to our members?

SM: You are, literally, building South Carolina. And you’re doing a great job. Thanks for being in South Carolina, and thanks for your hard work. If I can ever help with anything, please let me know.